Paste: What is keeping fEdit from happening?

Author: h
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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 11:06:18
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08.03.15:161:00:39:40 <slava> i should have written factor all those years ago. by now i'd have fbrowser and fedit :)
08.07.18:635:21:20:02 <william42> what's your opinion on a potential fEdit?
08.07.18:702:21:49:07 <jamesnvc> Would this fEdit be just for Factor though?
08.08.13:635:20:22:49 <slava> yeah, we need flime or fedit :)
08.08.13:655:20:26:11 <slava> jamesnvc: we'll have fedit within 6 months or so
08.11.25:685:16:51:11 * mnestic1 waits patiently for fedit.
09.01.13:540:17:36:42 <jamesnvc> jao: Yeah, it would not be fun to implement...just need to wait for fEdit to come out and make emacs obsolete!
09.01.16:497:15:07:27 <slava> time for fEdit :-)
09.02.18:279:13:59:37 <jao> glad to help. i'll enjoy the ride until fEdit puts me out of business!

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