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Author: slava
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Date: Tue, 29 Sep 2009 02:20:55
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09.01.22:19:47:16 --- join: brweber2 ( joined #concatenative
09.01.22:19:48:08 <slava> hi brweber2 
09.01.22:19:48:26 <brweber2> hello
09.01.22:19:48:55 <brweber2> just playing around with Factor a little (have played with Forth previously)
09.01.22:19:49:00 <brweber2> assume I'm in the right place
09.01.22:19:49:41 <brweber2> so what is concatenative?
09.01.22:19:52:22 <brweber2> so how long has Factor been around?
09.01.22:19:54:24 <brweber2> slava did you write it?
09.01.22:19:56:09 <brweber2> is there a lot more to do or is it fairly stable at this point?  I mean, I'm sure there is always more to do... but how would you assess the current state?
09.01.22:19:57:30 <slava> brweber2: there's always more to do, yeah, but the language syntax is not changing very rapidly lately, most of the recent activity is in the implementation and libraries
09.01.22:19:57:49 <slava> brweber2: as far as robustness goes I think we're pretty good there, daily testing and builds on 13 platforms really helps
09.01.22:19:57:55 <brweber2> slava always curious to hear book recommendations
09.01.22:19:58:01 <johnnowak> brweber2: i'll just jump in and recommend SICP:
09.01.22:19:58:22 <brweber2> oh, heard of that one
09.01.22:19:58:27 <brweber2> haven't read it though :(
09.01.22:20:01:15 <brweber2> there was a brilliant presentation about teaching programming at rubyconf in 2008 (didn't say which language to use, but focused on the process of learning)
09.01.22:20:01:54 <brweber2> slava was factor inspired by forth and how much do they have in common/differ?
09.01.22:20:02:42 <slava> brweber2: factor adds dynamic types, an object system and garbage collection to forth
09.01.22:20:03:34 <brweber2> schmx according to rubyconf presentation the age old debate about where to start teaching (top or bottom) is incorrect
09.01.22:20:03:37 <brweber2> start in the middle
09.01.22:20:03:47 <schmx> brweber2: I didn't even know there was a debate.
09.01.22:20:03:48 <brweber2> with the simple concepts
09.01.22:20:03:58 <brweber2> so assembly might not be the best place to start teaching someone
09.01.22:20:04:36 <brweber2> well, I don't recall the name of the speaker
09.01.22:20:04:41 <brweber2> but it was a very well done presentation
09.01.22:20:04:46 <schmx> brweber2: I know what worked for me, that's all. z80 and 6502 assembly. Then worked upwards.  Of course I believe "teaching someone" is also a flawed way of doing things. Just let people teach 'emselves.
09.01.22:20:05:18 <brweber2> just start with butterfly wing flapping then, haha
09.01.22:20:06:17 <brweber2> ballzack3 there are some smart and some good people there
09.01.22:20:06:26 <brweber2> especially when you wander away from railes
09.01.22:20:06:28 <brweber2> rails
09.01.22:20:06:50 <ballzack3> the needs of the whole outweigh the needs of the few, brweber
09.01.22:20:07:03 <brweber2> captain kirk disagrees
09.01.22:20:11:29 <brweber2> slava dynamic types as in duck typing?  
09.01.22:20:13:02 <brweber2> Gracenotes I'm not a type system person, so please elaborate
09.01.22:20:17:26 <brweber2> ballzack3 scalific!
09.01.22:20:19:15 <brweber2> python is adding a mixed type system
09.01.22:20:52:25 --- quit: brweber2 ()

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