Paste: trying to install

Author: xz
Mode: text
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 06:28:55
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 ./factor -i=boot.x86.32.image
*** Stage 2 early init... done
Loading resource:basis/bootstrap/stage2.factor
Loading resource:core/accessors/accessors.factor
The die word was called by the library. Unless you called it yourself,
you have triggered a bug in Factor. Please report.
Starting low level debugger...
  Basic commands:
q                -- continue executing Factor - NOT SAFE
im               -- save image to fep.image
x                -- exit Factor
  Advanced commands:
d <addr> <count> -- dump memory
u <addr>         -- dump object at tagged <addr>
. <addr>         -- print object at tagged <addr>
s r              -- dump data, retain stacks
.s .r .c         -- print data, retain, call stacks
e                -- dump environment
g                -- dump generations
card <addr>      -- print card containing address
addr <card>      -- print address containing card
data             -- data heap dump
words            -- words dump
tuples           -- tuples dump
refs <addr>      -- find data heap references to object
push <addr>      -- push object on data stack - NOT SAFE
code             -- code heap dump

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