Paste: crash

Author: mrjbq7
Mode: factor
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 23:56:44
Plain Text |
Assertion failed: (gc_locals.back() == (cell)this), function ~gc_root, file vm/local_roots.hpp, line 22.

Thread 0 Crashed:  Dispatch queue:
0   libSystem.B.dylib             	0x00007fff88605ff6 __kill + 10
1   libSystem.B.dylib             	0x00007fff886a7072 abort + 83
2   libSystem.B.dylib             	0x00007fff886940b4 __pthread_markcancel + 0
3   libfactor.dylib               	0x0000000100008586 factor::gc_root<factor::object>::~gc_root() + 76 (local_roots.hpp:22)
4   libfactor.dylib               	0x000000010000786f factor::allot_alien(unsigned long, unsigned long) + 249 (alien.cpp:45)
5   libfactor.dylib               	0x000000010001e7a7 factor::load_image(factor::vm_parameters*) + 338 (image.cpp:331)
6   libfactor.dylib               	0x000000010001d402 init_factor + 283 (factor.cpp:126)
7   libfactor.dylib               	0x000000010001d84f start_standalone_factor + 49 (factor.cpp:186)
8   factor                        	0x0000000100000e5a main + 27 (main-unix.cpp:6)
9   factor                        	0x0000000100000d20 start + 52

Annotation: build-support output

Author: mrjbq7
Mode: factor
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 23:39:36
Plain Text |
$ build-support/ update
Finding OS...
Finding ARCH...
Checking for sysctl...found!
Testing if your Intel Mac supports 64bit binaries...yes!
Checking for chmod...found!
Checking for uname...found!
Checking for git...found!
Checking for wget...found!
Checking for curl...found!
Checking for gcc...found!
Checking for make...found!
Checking for gmake...not found!
Checking for md5sum...not found!
Checking for md5...found!
Checking for cut...found!
Checking gcc version...ok.
Fetching the git repository from
From git://
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
Updating the working tree...
From git://
 * branch            master     -> FETCH_HEAD
Already up-to-date.
Backing up factor...
cp: libfactor.dylib: No such file or directory
Done with backup.
rm -f vm/*.o
rm -f factor.dll
rm -f libfactor.*
rm -f libfactor-ffi-test.*
rm -f
make factor factor-ffi-test CONFIG=vm/Config.macosx.x86.64
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/os-unix.o vm/os-unix.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/os-macosx.o vm/
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/mach_signal.o vm/mach_signal.cpp
gcc -x assembler-with-cpp -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/cpu-x86.64.o vm/cpu-x86.64.S
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/alien.o vm/alien.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/arrays.o vm/arrays.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/bignum.o vm/bignum.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/booleans.o vm/booleans.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/byte_arrays.o vm/byte_arrays.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/callstack.o vm/callstack.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/code_block.o vm/code_block.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/code_gc.o vm/code_gc.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/code_heap.o vm/code_heap.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/contexts.o vm/contexts.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/data_gc.o vm/data_gc.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/data_heap.o vm/data_heap.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/debug.o vm/debug.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/dispatch.o vm/dispatch.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/errors.o vm/errors.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/factor.o vm/factor.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/image.o vm/image.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/inline_cache.o vm/inline_cache.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/io.o vm/io.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/jit.o vm/jit.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/local_roots.o vm/local_roots.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/math.o vm/math.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/primitives.o vm/primitives.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/profiler.o vm/profiler.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/quotations.o vm/quotations.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/run.o vm/run.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/strings.o vm/strings.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/tuples.o vm/tuples.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/utilities.o vm/utilities.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/words.o vm/words.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/write_barrier.o vm/write_barrier.cpp
g++ -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o vm/main-unix.o vm/main-unix.cpp
gcc -c -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -fPIC -o vm/ffi_test.o vm/ffi_test.c
gcc -L/usr/X11R6/lib -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -fPIC -dynamiclib -o libfactor-ffi-test.dylib vm/ffi_test.o
g++ -Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -dynamiclib -single_module -std=gnu99 -current_version 0.92 -compatibility_version 0.92 -fvisibility=hidden -lm -framework Cocoa -framework AppKit -L/usr/X11R6/lib -o libfactor.dylib vm/os-unix.o vm/os-macosx.o vm/mach_signal.o vm/cpu-x86.64.o vm/alien.o vm/arrays.o vm/bignum.o vm/booleans.o vm/byte_arrays.o vm/callstack.o vm/code_block.o vm/code_gc.o vm/code_heap.o vm/contexts.o vm/data_gc.o vm/data_heap.o vm/debug.o vm/dispatch.o vm/errors.o vm/factor.o vm/image.o vm/inline_cache.o vm/io.o vm/jit.o vm/local_roots.o vm/math.o vm/primitives.o vm/profiler.o vm/quotations.o vm/run.o vm/strings.o vm/tuples.o vm/utilities.o vm/words.o vm/write_barrier.o
g++ -lm -framework Cocoa -framework AppKit -L/usr/X11R6/lib -L. -lfactor \
		-Wall -g -DFACTOR_DEBUG  -fPIC -DFACTOR_64 -m64 -o factor vm/main-unix.o
mkdir -p
mkdir -p
mv factor
ln -s ./factor
cp libfactor.dylib
install_name_tool \
		-change libfactor.dylib \
		@executable_path/../Frameworks/libfactor.dylib \
Deleting old images...
--2009-09-11 23:38:52--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 273 [text/plain]
Saving to: `checksums.txt'

100%[=================================================================================================>] 273         --.-K/s   in 0s      

2009-09-11 23:38:52 (605 KB/s) - `checksums.txt' saved [273/273]

Factorcode md5: a75b2677412009d0214e6afd1b246f2d
Disk md5: a75b2677412009d0214e6afd1b246f2d
Your disk boot image matches the one on
Assertion failed: (gc_locals.back() == (cell)this), function ~gc_root, file vm/local_roots.hpp, line 22.
build-support/ line 493:  9572 Abort trap              ./$FACTOR_BINARY -i=$BOOT_IMAGE

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