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Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 16:51:19
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This Wiki prototype written in Java, was developed by [] under the principles of compatibility with other Wikis, user friend interface,  support for reasoning and immediate use of semantic annotations when a user saves a page. The IkeWiki, as shown in Figure 1, all information are stored in a database. A further service named “Page Store”, stores and retrieves the pages from the database. The content of each page is represented as text but also in XML format. When a request for a page is made, the XML and its related RDF are passing through the Rendering Pipeline. Within the Pipeline the combination of semantic annotations with the content is taking place, which is later on are exported as RXF format (RXF is a Wiki interchange format including also semantic annotations). At the last stage the transformation servlet is responsible for transforming the RXF format to HTML page or as another type to be processed by some Web services.

                        Figure 1: Architecture of IkeWiki	        	

The representation languages used for this Wiki are RDF and OWL, supporting OWL-DL and OWL-RDFS ontologies. Querying can be done through SPARQL to search for triples with a certain subject or predicate. Finally the IkeWiki's interface is integrated with three Semmantic Annotation Editors, each for different type of annotations. Those are: metadata editor, allowing the user to add metadata to a page, link editor, so that in and outgoing links can be annotated as well and the type editor to create an association between the types. 

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