Paste: .tfrc

Author: Creosote
Mode: text
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2023 20:31:10
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;;; For these anti-idles to work, you must have a MUCk which allows you to
;;; create an action like so:
;;; @action  comment=me
;;; @link    comment=$nothing
;;; @lock    comment=me
;;; @set     comment=H

/def antiidle = comment%; /repeat -1:27 1 /antiidle
/def ai = /antiidle
/def nai = /def antiidle = /undef antiidle
;;; .tfworld file contains lines in this format:
;;; /test addworld("muckname", "tiny.muck", "host", 1234, "User", "pass")
/load ~/.tfworld

;;; Require libraries

/set wrap=on
/set wraplog=off

/set wrapspace=4
/set isize=5
/set matching=regexp
/set hiliteattr=B

;;; Set this to [Cc]haracter depending on your character name
/def -p10080 -T"tiny.muck" -F -t"[Cc]reosote[ ,:;.'?-]"  -abCblue playerpri
/def -p10081 -t"^You (page|whisper)" -aCmagenta playermsg

;;; To set up, run
;;; page #prepend ##page> (and same for whisper)
/def -p10099 -t'^##page>' -abCgreen pagemsg
/def -p10099 -t'^##whisper>' -abCgreen whispermsg

/def -p10097 -t'^Somewhere on the muck.*connected' -abCred conn
/def -p10096 -t'\\+\\+\\+' -aCred actionmsg 
;;; The edit trigger allows ##edit> prepended text to be called into the line buffer.
/def -fg -p100 -t"##edit> *" = /grab %-1

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