Paste: Unable to run curses listener

Author: pirj
Mode: factor
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2014 21:35:19
Plain Text |
$ factor-vm extra/curses/listener/listener.factor                                                                                                                  [1:30:51]
Generic word stream-write1 does not define a method for the word class.
Dispatching on object: curses-listener-stream
(U) Quotation: [ c-to-factor -> ]
    Word: c-to-factor
(U) Quotation: [ [ catchstack* push ] dip call -> catchstack* pop* ]
(O) Word: command-line-startup
(O) Word: run-script
(O) Word: run-listener
(O) Word: listener
(O) Word: (listener)
(O) Method: M\ object prompt.
(O) Method: M\ object stream-write1
(O) Word: no-method
(O) Method: M\ object throw
(U) Quotation: [
        OBJ-CURRENT-THREAD special-object error-thread set-global
        current-continuation -> error-continuation set-global
        [ original-error set-global ] [ rethrow ] bi

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