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Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 00:36:01
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Hey everyone, this is femanon here with my "play-by-play" about my first adult diaper messing! Currently its nearly 50 minutes in and I'm beginning to cramp up a bit. These Dulcolax suppositories are really starting to work their magic. Biting my nails to see what happens next.

Just wet for the third time already, must be really nervous about messing >//>. Its all warm and squish, kinda fun to rub around a little. Oh wow~ that feels nice, keeps my mind off the cramps, they are getting pretty intense now!

Broke out into a cold sweat, I's super-nervous about messing my diaper! I haven't gone in nearly 4 days so I hope my diaper can take it.

I feel it pushing down now, getting hard to hold it in. If I want to really clean myself out I'll have to hold on as best as I can! I'll try my darndest to keep my big load in!

Gosh, another HUGE cramp just hit, thought I was nearly going to lose it there. I may not make the next wave *l_l*.

Wow wow wow! While getting out of my chair to get some more water, one massive cramp slammed into me at full force. I doubled over and feel to my knees, I was groaning it hurt so bad! I felt it coming, a huge one, all I could do was stick my rump in the air and let go. Boy did I let go! A large sized load quickly came and squished right into the diaper. The messy mass almost immediately feel to the front thank to my position and I moaned a little, It was pretty heavy for my small body frame. I couldn't take my hands off my gut to feel it though, as the cramps didn't stop there!

I managed to crawl to the side of my bed and grab the sheets, gripping them tightly in my hands as more of my mess made its way along with the first load. I whimpered a bit, as this went on for at least another 3 or 4 minutes, I wondered if it was going to stop anytime soon! Not too much more had come out in those few minutes however, just some loud gassy farts and leftover mess.

I sighed a huge breath of relief, it felt great to be cleared up, and my diaper was weighed down a LOT. I motioned my hand down to feel my big mess, and I couldn't grip the whole thing with one hand. (granted I have small hands.) A rush of pee joined the diaper and set its final state, totally destroyed. With four wettings and a large sticky mess this diaper had done its job perfectly, better than expected even!

I sat down in my chair to start typing and it mushed EVERYWHERE. I felt it go in between my butt-cheeks and it crawled its way up the front too. It was so warm and slippery, I just HAD to squeeze it, just once. Oh man oh man oh man that was so...different! It stuck everywhere but mushed around more too! I had quite the tingle in my crotch, but I knew it'd get far too messy to finger myself right now.

Dozens of wipes later and two fresh diapers mean I'm doubled and ready for bed time! :3 Thanks for sticking around anyone who read, sorry for any of the mistakes I've undoubtedly made, hope you enjoyed reading.

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