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Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2013 17:48:10
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Pipsy by Shred_Hexstring
Contains: diapers, nappy, nappies, AB, DL, ABDL, scat, poop, ageplay, BD, DS, Foalcon, sissy

It was evening, like usual. Pipsqueak was used to this routine, having dinner with the princesses, cracking jokes with the royalty, then having intimate relations with his lover, the beautiful princess of the night, Luna. This time was different, though. Luna seemed very excited. Pipsqueak had to admit, he was excited too. As of today, Pipsqueak was now royalty.
Luna had adopted him after he was abused by his parents one night. He had been trying to keep it a secret that his parents were angry drunks to protect them, but after they nearly killed him this time, he had no choice but to tell somepony. Honestly, he was glad that he did. His parents had reached the point it would only get worse.
They arrived at the room and Luna opened her chamber's doors. The room was massive and adorable. The walls were pink and decorated with lots of white frills. The bed looked like a little filly's bed, only, in princess size. Pipsqueak smiled. Luna could be so adorable sometimes. Pipsqueak looked over at Luna as she closed the chamber door.
"Princess, aren't you going to make yourself smaller again?" Luna turned towards him and smiled. "Oh, Pipsqueak. not tonight. Tonight I want to try... Something different. Why don't you lay on the bed and wait for me while I get something."
Pipsqueak obeyed. He felt his belly fill with butterflies. This was exciting. He watched as the princess went to her closet to pull something out of it. It looked like a small frilly pink dress, appropriately sized for a young filly.
"I thought you said you weren't going to change your size tonight." Luna smirked slightly as she replied "I know." The dress flew over Pipsqueak and was suddenly forced onto him.
"W-wait! B-but I'm a colt!"
"Not tonight, you aren't," Luna said as she finished putting the dress on him. "Tonight, you're my little filly. My little foal, even."
Pipsqueak was taken off-guard by that last bit. "F-foal?" Before he could say anymore, he felt the skirt of the dress being pulled forward as The princess pulled some more items from the closet with her magic. A strap, no, several straps! A strange looking bottle, some cloth, a crib, and a pac-wait, a crib?! Pipsqueak started to get nervous. Was she serious? He was so worried about the crib that came out of the closet he neglected to pay attention to the several diapers that Luna had suddenly prepared to tape up on him. Once the first tape was pulled to secure the diaper, Pip snapped out of his focus on the crib.
Pipsqueak was about to protest when the princess had placed a pacifier into his mouth as a sort of substitute for a ball gag. "We don't want baby whining while we diaper her up, do we?" Luna said as she finished putting the third diaper onto the now helpless Pipsqueak. Then she decided it was time to allow some questions and pulled the pacifier away from his mouth.
"Luna?" "Yes, little Pipsy?" Pipsqueak blushed at the nickname. "Why are we doing this?" Luna perked up as he asked this. "Well, Pipsy, every night before, you were dominating me. I decided to make tonight special, and now I am the one dominating you."
Pipsqueak then felt something inside of him. He felt Luna's presence inside his body. She was using magic to fondle his insides! He started to worry a little before he felt her magic go towards his prostate. as soon as Luna's magic reached there, it started to massage his prostate, causing little Pipsy to moan audibly.
Luna let a smile creep over her face as she knew what to do next. She then used some magic to cover Pip's penis so he would be unable to blow his load, no matter how strong the urge to release. Pip felt this, and discovered that he rather liked being helpless. He actually liked being the submissive one.
Pipsqueak blushed a little as his stomach rumbled. He did have a rather small dinner tonight.
"Aww, is little Pipsy hungry?" Luna asked. Pipsqueak gave nothing more than a sheepish nod in response. "Okay, my little foal, drink up!" Luna said as she revealed her nipples to Pip. Pip stared, curious as to what to do. Luna laughed, "Come on, little one. Drink up!"
Pipsqueak suddenly felt his entire body being forced to crawl over to Luna. He felt his head being lifted up to stare right at her nipples. Was he supposed to suck on them? He decided that was what he should do and put his muzzle to one of the nipples before he started sucking. He was instantly rewarded with warm milk. It tasted strange, but for some reason, Pip didn't pull away. For some reason, he didn't want to pull away. he kept sucking on the milk that was rushing from Luna's nipples.
Pipsqueak finally got his fill from Luna and gasped for breath after a long while. Luna smiled and burped him. Pipsqueak was blushing furiously at this point. "Okay, little Pipsy, nap time"
Pipsqueak looked up at Luna and started to pout a little. "I don't need a nap! When are we going to-" he was interrupted by Luna sticking the over-sized pacifier into his mouth and strapping it onto him. Pipsqueak saw her float one of the strange bottles over but didn't pay it much mind. Bad idea. He suddenly felt something pushed into his butt and then he felt it fill with water. He was getting an enema! Pipsqueak quickly turned his head to see Luna smiling at him. Something seemed off about her smile. It was almost as if Luna actually BELIEVED Pipsqueak was her little foal daughter. Then Pipsqueak heard her sing something.
"Hush now, quiet now, it's time to lay your sleepy head..." Luna was singing a lullaby, and she was using her magic to make sure Pipsqueak got sleepy. It worked, and as Pipsqueak fell asleep, she put him into her old crib. This was already a great start. Soon, she would break him, and he wouldn't be able to resist. Luna then took her magic and instead of sealing his penis, she started to stroke it. She intensified the magic that was fondling his prostate. Then she used her magic and sped up time inside his testicle sack, causing his body to create a surplus of semen. His balls inflated and he was on the verge of sexual climax, even though he was still sleeping. He was going to cum at any moment now, and Luna knew just when to time it. She intensified the movement of her magic and just as Pipsqueak was to ejaculate, she used her magic to move his penis downward towards the middle of his diaper. He came at the same moment he released his enema. Now his diaper was filled with his feces in the back, and just like if a filly did it, the middle was wet with his cum.
Luna had a plan for her lover. She knew that if she did this every night for a long enough period of time, his body would be trained to recognize the stimuli and he would cream himself whenever he had a bowel movement in his diaper. He would be trained to be her little foal. Luna smiled as she pulled the pink blanket over Pip. She noticed his face turned bright red as a smile crept along it. Oh, was he in for a surprise when he woke up. In fact, she already knew what she would say to him when he woke up. She was going to break this colt, and make a sissy little filly. Luna then kissed Pipsqueak on the forehead before she headed out of her chamber. She would return once she brought out the moon.

Pipsqueak woke up the next morning. He noticed the familiar pink walls and the interior decorating. Then he noticed the crib. He was in a large crib, big enough for a young stallion or mare. He started to panic, and as he moved he remembered the dress. He was wearing a dress and-*gasp* Pipsqueak checked to see whether his fear was true. It was. He was wearing three thick diapers with pretty filly-friendly designs on them.
Suddenly Pipsqueak heard a voice. "Oh, good morning my baby filly!" He turned to see Luna above him.
He spoke up, "I'm not a foal, and especially not a filly!"
"Is that so?" Luna asked. "Then why are you in that pretty pink dress?"
"Because you put it on me."
"And why is your diaper all messy?"
"Because you forcibly gave me an enema!"
"And if you aren't a filly, why is your diaper wet in the middle?"
"My diaper isn't wet in... the middle?" Pipsqueak checked to see if he had wet himself. The middle was wet, right where it would be if he had filly parts.
"Oh, Pipsy, it's okay. All little foals wear diapers for this exact reason. You can't help but mess yourself." Luna said, giving a slight smirk once more as she used her magic to forcibly shut his penis to prevent him from ejaculation while she massaged his prostate.
Pipsqueak let out a little moan as he was hit with pleasure once more. Luna smiled and said "Come on, Pipsy, let's go shopping for more baby supplies, we need to buy more diapers because I'm all out." Luna picked up Pipsqueak and strapped him into a stroller.
"Can't you change me first?"
"Sorry, Pipsy, but that's why we need to go buy diapers. You'll have to be a stinky foal for just a bit longer."
Pipsqueak blushed brightly. This was going to be embarrassing. "But Luna, won't other ponies recognize me?"
"Of course not, everypony knows I adopted a sweet little filly who's just a darling little foal. At least, that's what these altered documents say." Luna replied with a smile.
Pipsqueak was starting to become unnerved. he was being forced to go shopping with Luna for foal supplies while being pushed in a stroller, strapped in with a messy diaper mushing up against him, and Luna's magic forcibly making him erect and horny but unable to release. Luna noticed how restless he was becoming and started to use her magic to stroke his penis. Suddenly Pipsqueak started breathing harder and faster. She was torturing him! He should have blown his load long ago, and she was forcing it to stay inside him! Pip started to groan in between breaths when suddenly Luna released her magic and forced his penis downward towards the middle of the diaper again. Pipsqueak moaned loudly in a high-pitched voice as he had the greatest orgasm he had ever experienced, blowing a massive load into the middle of the diaper, making it wet and sticky. Once again, he had "wet" his diaper like a good little filly, but the pleasure of release was too much for him, and he fell asleep.
Luna then left the room, taking "Pipsy" on a trip to the foal supplies store, when suddenly, she felt a pressure in her abdomen. She had to poop. Luna had a devious thought, as she had a slightly larger than usual breakfast today. She used magic to lift the dress off Pipsqueak and pull the back of the diaper out. It smelled pretty bad, but it was about to get worse. Luna then used her magic to pull out her own poop and add it to Pipsqueaks already large load. Being her body was plenty bigger than his, her load was indeed massive, and much more that Pipsqueak could have produced in four loads. She then made sure the diaper was tight and wouldn't leak before putting the dress back onto the sleeping Pipsqueak before entering the hallway.
By the time they Pipsqueak woke up, they had returned home, and he was back in the crib. He felt the load in his diaper, and he knew something was up. he could never produce a load of that size! "Luna!"
"Yes, Pipsy?"  Luna replied in an endearing tone.
"Get me out of this thing!" Pip yelled, hinting at the diaper.
"How do you ask?"
Pipsqueak sighed. "Luna, can you please take this diaper off of me?"
Luna then frowned at him. "You are a little filly, and I adopted a little filly. I am your mommy now. How do you ask for a change?"
Pipsqueak was taken aback. She actually expected him to call her "Mommy?" There was now way! "Luna, take this diaper off of me right now! There is no way I'm calling you mommy!"
Luna glared at him some more before her expression suddenly changed. "Okay! Have it your way! I'll just leave you in that stinky diaper until morning." Luna made her way to the door that lead to her bathroom when she stopped. She lifted Pipsqueak up and pulled him over to her, taking the dress off as well as pulling the back of the diaper open.
"Glad to see you finally came to your senses! I was worried you'd never take this diaper off." Pipsqueak waited for a moment for her to continue pulling the rest of the diaper off of him. It never happened. "Um.. Luna?" Pipsqueak asked with a hint of fear in his voice.
"I'm not changing you. I'm not cleaning you. I'm making you dirtier." Luna said.
Pipsqueak's eyes grew and his pupils shrunk as he saw what was going on. Luna had a massive lunch earlier that day and it was coming out right now. Luna used her magic to take the massive load and flow it into Pipsqueak's diaper without making a mess on the carpet. Pipsqueak tried to scream but Luna had already placed the giant pacifier into his mouth. As she was filling his diaper he felt her massaging his insides. He knew what was coming, and he shed a tear. This was going to be his new life, and he couldn't do a thing.
The diaper was loaded with a pile of manure three times his size.
Wait a minute. That was impossible! There was no possible way the diapers wouldn't break after that much material was shoved into them! Pipsqueak had a stroke of realization. He wasn't trapped in the dress, or the diaper, the crib, or any of those other things he was seeing.
He was trapped in a dream.
Now that Pipsqueak realized what was happening, he had to think of a way out. In fact, now that he thought of it, Luna would never act this way. She'd never been this forceful with her fetishes. So then, who was it? Who could have disguised themselves as Luna? Maybe Luna started to show her fetish and somepony came in and took over? That seemed far-fetched, but he did feel things came on a little strong near the end of the first experience with this fetish.
Whatever the case, whoever is doing this wants to break him in his own dreams. If he wants to know what's going on, he might as well just play along. He started to force himself to cry.
"Mommy! I made a poopoo!"
"Aww, little Pipsy, let's get you out of your stinky diaper, okay?"
Luna gave a triumphant smile as she laid Pip down on the changing table with her magic. She took the diaper off and wiped his privates clean with her magic.
"Okay, Pipsy, now be a good filly and stay right there as I go get you a fresh clean diaper~"
As Luna turned around, Pip got up and tackled her to the ground. Immediately her disguise faded and he saw what he was afraid of.
The Great and Powerful Trixie.
Pipsqueak woke up.
He was on top of Trixie as she struggled to break free of him.
Pip looked up and saw Luna hogtied in the corner of the room with a ring on her horn.
"Trixie. Why did you invade my dream and try to destroy my mind?"
"You foal! Trixie isn't going to tell you anything!"
Pipsqueak stomped on Trixie's legs with all his strength, breaking them. While Trixie screamed in pain, Pip went to Luna's closet and grabbed a ring-like gag she used to force her mouth open in a previous night's sexcapades. He took it and forced it into Trixie's mouth.
Trixie cried as she couldn't move and her mouth was forced open into an "o" shape. Then her eyes widened as she saw Pipsqueak's penis.
Pipsqueak shoved his penis into her mouth, now unable to close due to the ring. "If you aren't going to tell me the truth, you might as well not talk at all!"
Trixie's tears ran down her face. She was losing breath with the stallion's cock shoved down her throat. She was going to suffocate! It didn't take long for her to run out of breath as she started gagging within seconds.
Pip pulled out.
"Okay! Trixie will tell you!" Trixie yelled as she gasped for air. "Trixie knew Luna adopted you a year ago, and now you're a full fledged stallion and in the royal family. Trixie thought if she could break you she could take advantage of the situation and take whatever she wanted."
Pip's face contorted into one of such intense anger it caused Trixie to wet herself. "And you didn't think I'd figure out you were manipulating my dreams? I love Luna, I know how she acts, and she acts nothing like you made her seem! You made a mockery of the mare I love, and that will be your last mistake!"
Pipsqueak stomped on Trixie's horn, causing it to break off. Trixie screamed in agony as her horn was destroyed.
Her cutiemark is now worthless, as without a way to channel her magic she couldn't perform magic tricks. Stripped of her only special talent, all Trixie could do was cry.
Pipsqueak made his way to the other side of the room to release Luna from her binds. Luna hugged him and cried.
"Yes, Pip?"
"Where do you think Trixie got all this 'foal' stuff from?"
Luna said nothing for a few seconds. "Pipsqueak. There's something I wanted to tell you tonight before everything went wrong."
Pipsqueak looked up at Luna, smiling with tears in her eyes.
"Pip. I'm pregnant."

Pipsqueak was hit with a rush of emotions. He was going to be a father!
"I'm sorry, Pip. I'm afraid we can't have our usual nighttime escapades for a while while I've got this bun in my oven" Luna said, giving a small chuckle.
"Luna... For as long as we've been at it, I've been on top, so to speak. If I can't do that with you as you are, then I think it's time we turned the tables." Pipsqueak blushed a little as he said this. "While I was trapped in that dream, I discovered, I kind of like being submissive sometimes."
Luna looked stunned. She was expecting to be the sub for as long as they were together. This offer, she had to take up. Who knew? Maybe she'd like being the dominant one for a change.
"Well first we should get these clothes on you, then." Luna said as she floated over a Canterlot schoolfilly uniform from her closet, putting it on Pip. Pip blushed as he was put into a skirt, remembering what happened in the dream when he was forced into the dress.
"Young filly, you've been awful naughty in the classroom. Now do you know why I'm keeping you after school?"
"As fast as ever to get into the foreplay, I see." Pipsqueak commented. Luna smiled and gave him a playful spank on his rear.
"I'm sorry, teacher, I won't cause trouble again! I promise." Pipsqueak said as he raised his tail up, lifting the back of his skirt.
"It's good that you promise that, but you still need to be punished, young filly." Luna said as she levitated a yard stick over.
Pipsqueak braced himself for the spanking, knowing that was coming. When it didn't come, he turned around and asked Luna "Why aren't you spanking me yet?"
Luna blushed as she said "W-well, I forgot to ask what your safe word was."
Pipsqueak facehoofed as he said "Only our roles have changed, not the safeword."
"'Bananas' it is, then." Luna said as she started to spank Pipsqueak
Pipsqueak was expecting it to hurt. Well, okay, it still hurt, but he started to enjoy it. At first. It started to hurt a little more so he moved a little.
"And where do you think you're going, little filly?" Luna said as she used her magic to hold Pipsqueak in place.
Pipsqueak's penis suddenly grew rock solid as he was once again put into a state of helplessness.
"I'm sorry, teacher!"
"I bet you are!" Luna said before she finally stopped spanking Pipsqueak. She pulled some more "toys" from her closet, including a spreader bar, some rope, a ball gag, and a very large dildo.
Before Pipsqueak could say anything Luna popped the ballgag into his mouth and tied it. Then she used the rope to tie both his front legs together.
Pipsqueak let out a little precum as he started to become excited by the thought of what was coming next.
Then, Luna put the spreader bars on Pipsqueak's back legs. Finally, She shoved the dildo into Pipsqueak's anus.
Pip let out a loud moan of pleasure as the sensation took over his entire body. He would have let his load fly out right there if Luna hadn't remembered to use her magic to force his seed to stay inside.
Luna started to push and pull the dildo into Pip as if a stallion were ramming him. She could already tell Pip was enjoying himself. He was lost in his thoughts of ecstasy as the dildo was forced into his body. He was ready to pass out from the sheer pleasure when he suddenly felt himself being turned upside down. He snapped back to reality and realized that Luna was flipping him so he could suck his own horsecock.
"I hope you're hungry, you naughty little filly."
"Teacher, no! Please! I'll be good!"
"Of course you will, now be a good filly and suck!"
Pipsqueak took his cue and leaned his head forward to take his penis into his own mouth. He started rocking back and forth to help move it in and out of his mouth. He was in heaven. Helpless to the whims of his mistress, he couldn't get any harder. He felt the backup of semen filling his ballsack as he was "forced" to suck his own dick.
"Get ready, little filly!"
Luna took off the spreader bars and released her magic hold over Pipsqueak's penis and watched as Pipsqueak the naughty schoolfilly shot her load into her own mouth, guzzling it as it came out. Pipsqueak's face would have been completely red if all the blood hadn't already rushed elsewhere.
After Pipsqueak finally finished cumming inside his own mouth he leaned his head back and gasped for air. His energy was wasted and he was sprawled out on the floor, legs out in all directions.
"So, how was it?" Luna asked.
Pipsqueak didn't need to answer as he laid there, panting with a huge smile on his face, his dick still twitching from the pleasure, little drips of leftover cum from the lingering strokes of pleasure.
That settled it. Pipsqueak was so much better at being the submissive one than he ever was at being the dominant one.
Luna carried him over to her bed and they slept throughout the night.
Or, they would have if Pipsqueak hadn't suddenly remembered the unicorn mare passed out from pain on the floor with her broken legs and horn.
"Luna, shouldn't we call the guards?"
"Oh yeah. She was so quiet for once I actually forgot she was there. I'll go handle that right now, you just stay there."
Pipsqueak gave a weak laugh. "As if I could do anything, anyways. After that, I can't feel my entire body."
Luna smiled as she carried the unicorn and the broken off piece of her horn through her chamber doors, telling the guards to put her into the highest security cell they had.
Luna returned and closed her chamber doors before getting back into bed with Pip.
With the last of his strength, Pipsqueak managed to move his legs enough so that he was cuddling with Luna before he quickly fell into the most pleasant slumber he had ever had before.

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