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[color="#00BFFF"][size=4][b][u]Skit 0: Introducing the Group[/u][/b][/size][/color]

[quote=Player Notes]Once in awhile I may do something silly in the LP while in the middle of a Grind or if I don't personally have a clue which way I'm going now with a given unit and it's Evoltuions, or in this particular case, waiting for the 30th to roll around before checking in at Stage A-1. Kruz and I will not go for 100% exactly but sometimes I either dunno which pictures to use (especially with Forum constraints, as Kruz found out) or even how to caption some of the more riddicious stuff that happens. So these Skits are there to kill time during a Grind Montage and I don't want to bore people. This is also a chance to practice writing for other projects.[/quote]

It was three days since Celestial Being and their allies searched for the mysterious being known as "Aphrodia", and the Guild was in an offical uproar over it. Judging by her message, that is about Halphas Gundam and the mysterious Pulse, it wasn't good. Despite this, a high ranking Quest went up, revolving around the mysterious Halphas Gundam.

In typical Guild business manner, many Brave Adventurers sign up for this quest and set out to search for Halphas Gundam... sadly very few came back alive. Whatever got these guys on their quest, it wasn't good... and based on the last report, the Guild has lost 5,000 Guild Members on the first day since the Quest went up, and the numbers keep getting higher and higher...

One day, 6 men from another world started to film for a Top Gear special: UK vs US as they become Adventurers... for them, they will go down in history as Legends... and yet they will managed to get into trouble as they learn to pilot the new kind of machine... called Mobile Suit...

[b]Adventurer's Guild[/b]

[url=][b][u]Middle-aged Presenter:[/u][/b][/url] "Now remember, we're here on diplomatic business, so don't be an idiot about this... especially you Hamster"

[url=][b][u]Hamster:[/u][/b][/url] "Easy for you to say but I'm worried about Captain Slow, Driver, Wreaker and Expert over there..."

[url=][b][u]Captain Slow:[/u][/b][/url] "I'm the kind that's cautious, why are you so worried about me?"

[url=][b][u]Driver:[/u][/b][/url] "Don't ask me, it's usually Adam that winds up causing trouble for all of us...

[url=][b][u]Adam:[/u][/b][/url] "Oh come on, just becase I'm the Wreaker in terms of cars, doesn't mean it extends to diplomatic mishaps!"

[url=][b][u]Expert:[/u][/b][/url] "Well, here's the desk, let's put our names on the Adventurer Register and I guess wait for something to show up..."

The six men walk up to the Reception counter, to request forums to join the Guild... and with it, forshadowing their destiny...

Across from where these 6 men stood, [url=]four[/url] [url=]seemly[/url] [url=]immortal[/url] [url=]women[/url] walk though the front door, ready to apply for a quest of their own...

[b][u]Purple hair Woman:[/u][/b] "So what's this one?" *she looks at the board with a eager face, looking at the one with the picture of a Gundam-shaped shadow with a giant Question mark at it's center* "Halphas Gundam?"

[b][u]Brown hair Woman:[/u][/b] "... Unknown Mobile Suit, Client seeks 10 Adventurers to take down mysterious machine..."

[b][u]Blond hair Woman:[/u][/b] "Why does he want that many specifically? Unless it's a constraint like one of my games..."

[b][u]Black hair Woman:[/u][/b] "Six saps spotted at the desk..."

[b][u]Receptionalist:[/u][/b] "Here you are... six Adventurer Licences for you and your friends Mr. Clarkson."

[b][u]Mr Clarkson:[/u][/b] "Usually it takes time to issue these according to the forum, why the sudden urgency?"

[b][u]Receptionalist:[/u][/b] "Unfortinatly the high rate of Fatalities from everyone chasing down that Halphas Gundam has caused us to work overtime and bypass the usual waiting period of 1 month. You guys are lucky..."

[b][u]Mr Clarkson:[/u][/b] *takes a look at all six cards* "Well, at least we're ready for any Adventure... whatever it is..." *he passes them to his friends, as he bumps into someone* "Hey what the?"

[b][u]Black hair Woman:[/u][/b] *she falls down as she bumps into Clarkson* "Ow..." *she speaks this as the sheet laid on Clarkson's head* "Where did it..."

[b][u]Mr Clarkson:[/u][/b] *grabs the sheet off his head and reads the quest* "Halphas... Gundam?"

[b][u]Black hair Woman:[/u][/b] "You're interested? We were looking for 6 more... not like you guys are suitable... bunch of idiotic Rookies..."

Clarkson decided not to go ballistic on her, as James walked up to the others, grabbing the sheet out of Clarkson's hands

[b][u]James:[/u][/b] "Jeremy, we're hunting down Half-ass? I know we're in over our heads the moment the Producers want the 6 of us to be Adventurers but you're taking the hardest one out of the gate? You must be more insane then we thought..."

[b][u]Jeremy:[/u][/b] "Well we won't have much of a show if we took simple quests now have we? Let's think about giving them a very nice one, especially if it means hunting down a Demon."

[b][u]James:[/u][/b] "Alright but if also means working with a little girl..." *he looks at the Black hair girl* "This is going to be your fault Jeremy..."

[b][u]Black Hair Girl:[/u][/b] "Listen up!" *she starts to get mad* "My name is Noire, and these are my stupid friends..." *she points out the other three, a purple hair girl, a brown hair woman and a blonde hair woman in order* "Neptune, Blanc and Vert... and you dummies are?"

[b][u]Jeremy:[/u][/b] "I'm Jeremy 'Jezza' Clarkson..." *he then points to the others, while trying his best not to go ballistic on her, pointing to the other two in order* "There's my colleagues... James 'Captain Slow' May and Richard 'the Hamster' Hammond."

[b][u]Driver:[/u][/b] "I'm Tanner Foust, and these two are Rutledge Wood and Adam Ferrara..."

[b][u]Noire:[/u][/b] "Charmed, my human shields..."

[b][u]Jeremy:[/u][/b] "Now wait just a..."

[b][u]Tanner:[/u][/b] "I suggest we take this outside before we start going to blows..."

[b]Town Square[/b]

Outside the guild, Jeremy and their... well soon to be companions managed to calmly get out, before things started to go to blows as Tanner dreaded.

[b][u]Tanner:[/u][/b] "Alright, now that we're not about to go to blows, let's calmly explain this quest for this Half-Ass Gangdam or whatever it's called."

[b][u]Blanc:[/u][/b] "... the quest states we are to track it down, and turn it into scrap metal, and to meet with the client in the Basilcom."

[b][u]Richard:[/u][/b] "Hate to bother you but, where is the Basilcom and who's the client?"

[b][u]Blanc:[/u][/b] "Then you are blinder then a bat..." *she said this as she points to the giant building* "That's the Basilcom, a giant church for worship of the Goddesses."

[b][u]Richard:[/u][/b] *he turns his head around, looking at the giant building they all missed on the way in* "Holy... THAT's the Basilcom?" *Blanc nods as he now found out where it is*

[b][u]Adam:[/u][/b] "So who is the client then?"

[b][u]Neptune:[/u][/b] "Like the hottest man around, flies around a cool blue phoenix, and his companions may be nutty but he's pretty hot..."

[b][u]Vert:[/u][/b] *sweatdrops at Neptune's behavior around the Presenters* "His name is Mark Guilder and he's going over some data. We'll meet him at the Basilcom there but..." *she looks at Adam and the others* "You guys are perfect" *she says this as she drags Adam by the arm, towards the Basilcom*

[b][u]Rutledge:[/u][/b] "Quick! Follow him!" *he and the others set off for the Basilcom, chasing Adam all the way though*

[quote=Skit Analysis]Honestly most of the stuff is 90% Improv and 10% remembering their personalities. This is to kill time until the 30th so... keep submiting characters and votes.[/quote]

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