Paste: API spec

Author: Shiplu Mokaddim
Mode: javascript
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2012 11:22:26
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{"api":[{"uri":"\/version","auth_required":false,"desc":"Get API version","params":[],"return":"JSON Object with a \"version\" property"},{"uri":"\/test","auth_required":false,"desc":"Test method. Does not do anything","params":[],"return":"JSON Object with 'sender', 'message', 'version' and 'success' property"},{"uri":"\/add","auth_required":false,"desc":"Test arithmetic add function","params":[{"type":"number","desc":"first value","location":"URI segment"},{"type":"number","desc":"second value","location":"URI segment"}],"example":"\/add\/2\/4 will result 6","return":"JSON Object with 'result' and 'success' property. Result holds the arithmetic addition result"},{"uri":"\/im","auth_required":true,"desc":"Enque a message to send to a number of users","params":[{"type":"json","desc":"apikey, emails and messages in a json packet. See example","location":"POST"}],"example":"\/im with POST data {apikey: \"93cslk1vlsi3eCK3i2\", emails:[\"\",\"\"], message:\"Hello world\"}","return":"JSON Object. If succeeded only a 'success' property is true value. Otherwise with an additional 'message' property describing reason"}],"success":true,"notes":["All response is in JSON format","All response contains a property 'success'. It determines if the request was succeeded","Any POST data must be sent in JSON format"]}

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