Paste: be ware of nick Petrol from Efnet read!!!!

Author: anon
Mode: factor
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2012 15:38:44
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[16:23] <eins-> yes?
[16:23] <eins-> u tried to msg me
[16:23] <eins-> what's up?
[16:27] <Petrol> can you drop the nick..
[16:27] <Petrol> it belongs to a friend
[16:27] <eins-> what nick
Petrol is * Petrol
Petrol on +#thefuture @+#randall @+#albashells @#OccupyIRC +# @+#trustnetwork @+#irclife +#chat 
Petrol using This isn't rocket science. Oh wait, yes it is!
Petrol is away: Answering some emails ;)
Petrol actually using host 2001:470:24:24::dead
petrol End of /WHOIS list.
[16:28] <Petrol> eins
[16:28] <eins-> this is a mistake you have done
[16:28] <Petrol> ?
[16:28] <Petrol> which is?
[16:28] <eins-> i would like to remind you that you petrol from efnet living in uk
[16:28] <eins-> are a fraudster as well
[16:28] <Petrol> fruad?
[16:29] <Petrol> fraud?
[16:29] <eins-> time after time i have reminded you that you do associate your networks with illegal activitities
[16:29] <eins-> toady is 25.03.2012
[16:29] <eins-> you have clearly asked me to do something that i do not deal with
[16:29] <Petrol> your not making any sense
[16:29] <Petrol> i asked you to change your nick
[16:30] <eins-> beware if anyone is looking to get services from
[16:30] <eins-> please be aware that i do not associate with such things. you seems to do
[16:31] <eins-> i am pastebining this for the community to see who are you and what do you deal with
[16:31] <eins-> 25/03/2012
[16:31] <eins-> 16:31:12

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