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Author: bunga
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Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 08:30:45
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NewClay is an offspring of Clay, a modern general-purpose 
constraint-based generic-programming language with support 
for the system-level, developed at ClayLabs in Chennai, 
India. NewClay is a testbed for new ideas not easily 
implementable in the original Clay compiler.

NewClay has reached stability and a point where all the 
initial goals are matched. One of the main goals was to 
reach a higher degree of flexibility for both the 
developers and the users by resembling Clay into a 
functional metaprogramming language on top of the compiler. 
For example, many hard-implemented parts of Clay got moved 
into extensible and even substitutable system libraries. 
Further, the overworked syntax remembers even more to 
scripting languages. The syntax is weighted and a good 
compromise between readability and efficiency. Both simple 
and complex problems can be addressed in a straight-forward 
and intuitive way. Though, it should not be denied that 
learning to think in NewClay can take a while because of 
the multi-paradigm approach.

NewClay is still a young project in discussion. For the 
time being both Clay and NewClay will mature in parallel, 
providing you with choice.

Discussion about NewClay is not separated from Clay and 
takes place in the same FreeNode channel or via the Clay 
mailing list. For more details about Clay and how to get 
into contact visit "". For the NewClay 
source code go to "". 
Both projects are available under the liberal BSD license.

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