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Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2011 15:33:21
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What is NewClay, in short?

NewClay is an offspring of Clay, a general-purpose 
constraint-based generic-programming language with support 
for the system-level, developed at ClayLabs in Cerala, 
India. NewClay is a testbed for new ideas not easily 
implementable in the original Clay compiler.

NewClay is heavily inspired by other programming languages, 
mixing the paradigm of generic programming, the clarity of 
constraint-based formal-logical programming and the ease 
and flexibility of functional programming with further 
concepts from information science, like "move semantics", 
into a syntax remembering to scripting languages. The 
syntax is weighted and a good compromise between 
readability and efficiency. Both simple and complex 
problems can be addressed in a straight-forward and 
intuitive way. Though, it should not be denied that 
learning to think in NewClay can take a while because the 
multi-paradigm approach requires a decent academic 
background to be mastered professionally.

Some features are already backported to Clay. However, as 
of today it is undecided if NewClay will be the official 
new Clay or if both languages will continue in parallel and 
on their own rights.

Discussion about NewClay is not separated from Clay and 
takes place in the same FreeNode channel or via the Clay 
mailing list. For more details about Clay and how to get 
into contact visit "". For the NewClay 
source code, go to "". 
Both projects are available under the liberal BSD license.

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