Paste: My I-Ging for NewClay

Author: EsoTericFreak:)
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Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 19:15:20
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I'm still stuck in the May-logs and overly confused by all the syntax discussions and the weird examples and conclusions. Do you guys know that the tab-key is the key for indention and not the space-key? Actually spaces belong banned from the beginning of a line. They are the cause of all the pain. But I won't mess with vi-geeks.)

Suddenly, I got the idea to ask an oracle about what to do in respect to clay. This is what the I-Ging told me (translated):

First, the general part about NewClay:

The early birth: all beginning is hard!
Concentrate on the essential things
Don't focus on details but on the basic strategy
The creative chaos still offers all opportunities
Search for help and exercise yourself in delegation

Second, my part:

You feel a deep binding. Trust in it and don't wait any longer!

Well, then...

But I'm still in the May-logs :S

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