Paste: timer-dispatch

Author: ex
Mode: factor
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 20:11:50
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USING: prettyprint io.streams.c dlists debugger ;

: timer-dispatch ( source callback user_data -- ? )
    self name>> ">" prepend show
    dup [ 1,000,000 /i ] [ f ] if* unparse show
    run-queue [ dup array? [ second ] when name>> show ] dlist-each

    [ 1,000,000,000 ] unless* nano-count +
    next-fire-time set-global
    yield t ;

Annotation: ancient greece

Author: zawwar
Mode: factor
Date: Wed, 18 May 2011 09:37:13
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 Ancient Greece’s social structure was more diversified then ancient Rome. From formal art education in Athens to the intense and strengthening training of war in Sparta. But not only was education one of the many great accomplishments in ancient Greece. The role of the women in Greece was given more meaning, they were able to own property, jewelry clothes and slaves and if they were married to a Greece citizen they could even own land and in Sparta they could even participate in public meetings which allowed all people in Greece to have equal almost completely equal rights. But unlike in Rome where even if a women was married to a Roman citizen they could not even work for a job. In fact according to my research Especially girls were abandoned at birth:  many were picked up by passers-by and sold as slaves or left to die. Also In Greece a girl was allowed to go to school or be taught at home. Which helped Greece to be enriched with wiser people. Another fact in my research was that only 15% of Greece were slaves compared to Rome's 25%. This means that Greece took these people and made them citizens to help Greece instead of taking them in as slaves to do there dirty work. Also the Greek women was given a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY TO take care of the whole house including taking care of the property land managing finances which also allowed Greek women to have responsibility. So I think I am backed up with evidence when I say Greece’s social structure was better then Rome’s.

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