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Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 00:20:35
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"One of the main problems is that everyone involved enjoys the community side of things just a little too much, especially when absorbed into the heady atmosphere of an event where people simply want to get smashed and catch up with people that they see only a handful of times a year."

When I think of TF2, I think of the times when I didn't know that CSS was played competitively and went on random "clan" public servers, having a giggle with the members and having an overall fun time. Nothing was serious, you got on with people and the game boiled down to a simplistic run'n'gun.  Friendships were forged.

When I think of TF2, I think of playing surf maps and learning all the tricks at the same time as everyone else. No one really knew what they were doing and there was a seemingly endless stream of things to learn, such as bhopping and backwards surfing. It was tricky, but fun because everyone was together laughing and trying to do these things too.

I'm all for competitive gaming, but to me TF2 is one of those games where there can be a bit of friendly rivalry, but nothing serious - the sheer amount of items and such makes the game feel very "public", which makes a game special. When I read that section I quoted, I actually felt sad. At the end of the day every game is about having fun, and I don't see playing TF2 with a serious face on being fun at all for individuals or a group of friends.

Please don't flame me :(

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