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Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2011 01:59:50
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<p>Saturday, January 8, 2011</p>

<p>GNAA Reveals Link Between Freenode and Arizona Gunman<br />
Leon Kaiser - Tuscon, AZ</p>

<p><em>Tuscon, AZ</em> - GNAA today revealed the man behind the shooting of
Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford and Federal Judge John Roll, along with
16 others, six of whom died. The identity of the shooter was revealed to be none
other than Daniel Martin, who often used the alias "Jared Lee Loughner", better
known to GNAA users as forever-alone ##politics outcast "DolemitE".</p>

<p>Martin, an outcast from ##politics on <a href="irc://">irc.</a>, was said to be an avid follower of being alone and a gun enthusiast.<p>

<p>Not since the Zionist attempts at <a href="">
murdering hundreds of thousands of homeless Americans</a> has such an atrocity
been perpetrated.</p>

<p>Martin was quoted as shouting "Jews shouldn't use the same public bathrooms,
or same drinking fountains as human beings!" before opening fire on a crowd of
innocents in the Tuscon grocery store.</p>

<p>In <a href="">his blog</a>, which has
since been suspended by Blogspot, Martin said that he would kill "in order to
raise awareness about unclean races crossing the US-Mexico border," and that
"hopefully, this will ignite the race war."</p>

<p>GNAA has declined to comment on the despicable actions of one of its
most pathetic, constantly white-knighting, forever begging for support, bleating
 for attention, members.</p>

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<strong>About ##politics</strong><br />
<p>"##politics is a family friendly channel. We are currently discussing the
Arizona shooter who the liberal media is saying was a tea partier. Everyone
knows liberals are degenerate losers who will take a moment of tragedy to twist
it to their own gains. Please join ##politics NOW and voice your support for the

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