Paste: fuel failing or emacs?

Author: sepult
Mode: text
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2010 03:02:57
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i put 

USING: namespaces editors.emacs ;
"/usr/bin/emacs-23.2" \ emacsclient-path set-global
in my .fuel-rc file then i put

"fuel" require in my .fuel-boot-rc file

and i put
(push "/home/sepult/factor" load-path)
(load-file "/home/sepult/factor/misc/fuel/fu.el")
(require 'factor-mode)
(setq fuel-listener-factor-binary "/home/sepult/factor/factor")
(setq fuel-listener-factor-image "/home/sepult/factor/factor.image")
(require 'fuel-listener)

in my .emacs file, started emacs and did a M-x run-factor
i get a listener object with a prompt but there is somethin failing and i don't know what exactly here is the debug error for that process though:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument sequencep #<buffer  *fuel connection retort*>)
  mapconcat(identity (#<buffer  *fuel connection retort*>) " ")
  comint-redirect-preoutput-filter("Loading resource:extra/fuel/eval/eval.factor\nLoading resource:extra/fuel/pprint/pprint.factor\n")
  comint-redirect-filter(#<process fuel listener> "Loading resource:extra/fuel/eval/eval.factor\nLoading resource:extra/fuel/pprint/pprint.factor\n")

so what is failing? can anyone give me a hint ?

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