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Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 19:59:16
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Ahamed Bauani [] schrieb:
> Thanks for your writing. I was know that this is a virtual community. But I
> don't know how to apply for a /24 IP address from DN42.Net. I know how to
> create or the system of ASN Number Assignment from DN42, but can't don't
> know how to apply for IP address.

The dn42 (than called diac24) started as a small project by a few geeks. Resources where "managed" my claiming them and documenting this claim in a wiki. This scaled further than expected. Since the wiki isn't well scriptable and a single point of failure we setup a Monotone repository to document resource allocation. We claim and AS64600 - AS65111. The IPv4 range is defined as private by RFC1918. It shoudn't appear on the public internet. The same applies for AS64600 - AS5111.

The dn42 has no ruling body of any kind. Discussions take place on the mailing list and #dn42 in the hackint IRC network. Because of this I can't speak for the rest of the dn42 members, but imo the dn42 is an infrastructure made by nerds for nerds to experiment with routing protocols creating something more or less usable by accident.

To answer your question: read the how to peer page [1] documenting one individuals view on how a peering might be established. Join the #dn42 IRC channel in the hackint [2] IRC network. Btw most of us live in the CEST timezone so expect some phase shift. Ask the remaining questions in the IRC channel and document the result somewhere if you want to ( wiki, this mailing list).

> I am Technology Advisor of an ISP here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. My plan is to
> give access to my user in both DN42 Network and Public Internet. Few of my
> customer want to access DNS42 from their home.

Their are few services in the dn42. Even fewer which i expect to be of interest to an average ISP customer. The most important goal of the dn42 is to enable it's participants to learn about routing protocols in the wild. Offering access to the dn42 via their default route to your customers you would take this from opportunity to learn from them.

> So, If I can create a gateway, which have DN42 Peering Information (BGP
> Info) then I can redirect my users request to their destination.

Than you have taken them the opportunity to learn who to get access themself. That said please don't bring the Eternal September [3] over us.

> I will be glad if you inform me how I can get DN42 IPv4 address , if
> possible IPv6 also.

The most common setup is an OpenVPN tunnel in p2p mode link and BGP over this tunnel. Find peers (via IRC) and peer with them if they want (given your usecase). Feel free to peer for yourself, but please neither force your customers on use nor us on your customers. 

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