Paste: win 2k8 r2 fep

Author: mnestic
Mode: factor
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 20:54:40
Plain Text |
C:\Users\...\Desktop\factor>factor -i=boot.winnt-x86.32.image
*** Stage 2 early init... done
Loading resource:basis/bootstrap/stage2.factor
Loading resource:basis/command-line/command-line.factor
Loading resource:basis/windows/nt/nt.factor
Loading resource:basis/alien/libraries/libraries.factor
Loading resource:basis/debugger/debugger.factor
Loading resource:basis/summary/summary.factor
Loading resource:basis/prettyprint/prettyprint.factor
Loading resource:basis/colors/colors.factor
Loading resource:basis/grouping/grouping.factor
Loading resource:basis/fry/fry.factor
Loading resource:basis/locals/backend/backend.factor
Loading resource:basis/io/streams/string/string.factor
Loading resource:basis/io/styles/styles.factor
Loading resource:basis/colors/constants/constants.factor
Loading resource:basis/memoize/memoize.factor
Loading resource:basis/ascii/ascii.factor
Loading resource:basis/combinators/short-circuit/short-circuit.factor
Loading resource:basis/generalizations/generalizations.factor
Loading resource:basis/macros/macros.factor
Loading resource:basis/math/ranges/ranges.factor

The die word was called by the library. Unless you called it yourself,
you have triggered a bug in Factor. Please report.
Starting low level debugger...
  Basic commands:
q                -- continue executing Factor - NOT SAFE
im               -- save image to fep.image
x                -- exit Factor
  Advanced commands:
d <addr> <count> -- dump memory
u <addr>         -- dump object at tagged <addr>
. <addr>         -- print object at tagged <addr>
t                -- toggle output trimming
s r              -- dump data, retain stacks
.s .r .c         -- print data, retain, call stacks
e                -- dump environment
g                -- dump generations
data             -- data heap dump
words            -- words dump
tuples           -- tuples dump
refs <addr>      -- find data heap references to object
push <addr>      -- push object on data stack - NOT SAFE
code             -- code heap dump
frame: 390fe4
executing: kernel.private:c-to-factor
scan: 1
word/quot addr: 84ea0c
word/quot xt: 7145610
return address: 7145641
frame: 390fc4
executing: [ init:boot init:do-startup-hooks [ command-line:(command-line) comma
nd-line:parse-command-line command-line:load-vocab-roots command-line:run-user-i
nit "e" namespaces:get command-line:script namespaces:get kernel:or [ "e" namesp
aces:get [ T{ effects:effect { } { } f f f } eval:eval ] kernel:when* command-li
ne:script namespaces:get [ command-line:run-script ] kernel:when* ]... ] [ debug
ger:print-error 1 system:exit ] continuations:recover ]
scan: 1
word/quot addr: 396c544
word/quot xt: 767d640
return address: 767d657
frame: 390fa4
executing: init:do-hooks
scan: f
word/quot addr: 83623c
word/quot xt: 6e94ca0
return address: 6e94ffc
frame: 390f94
executing: [ random.mersenne-twister:default-mersenne-twister random:random-gene
rator namespaces:set-global ]
scan: 0
word/quot addr: 1d11554
word/quot xt: 740ce70
return address: 740ce82
frame: 390f74
executing: random.mersenne-twister:default-mersenne-twister
scan: f
word/quot addr: 22484cc
word/quot xt: 7406020
return address: 7406068
frame: 390f64
executing: random.private:random-integer
scan: f
word/quot addr: 251179c
word/quot xt: 739db10
return address: 739dbfa
frame: 390f54
executing: windows-rng=>random-bytes*
scan: f
word/quot addr: 226c86c
word/quot xt: 6e87de0
return address: 6e88001
frame: 390f34
executing: continuations:rethrow
scan: f
word/quot addr: 7c97fc
word/quot xt: 7299d80
return address: 7299dd8
frame: 390f24
executing: [ threads:self threads:error-in-thread threads:stop ]
scan: 1
word/quot addr: 1f9f704
word/quot xt: 7680e30
return address: 7680e47
frame: 390f04
executing: thread=>error-in-thread
scan: f
word/quot addr: 1f9f06c
word/quot xt: 720a3e0
return address: 720a411
frame: 390ef4
executing: kernel:die
scan: 1
word/quot addr: 97c76c
word/quot xt: 6e828f0
return address: 6e82919

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