Paste: fluids traceback - ubuntu x86 - vmware

Author: mnestic
Mode: factor
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 00:24:32
Plain Text |
An error occurred while drawing the world T{ fluids-world f ~array~ ~array~ f f f ~array~ f t t f f....
This world has been deactivated to prevent cascading errors.
function f
code     1281
string   "Invalid value"

(U) Quotation: [ set-namestack init-catchstack self quot>> call -> stop ]
(O) Word: update-ui-loop
(O) Word: update-ui
(O) Word: redraw-worlds
(O) Word: draw-world
(O) Method: M\ fluids-world draw-world*
(O) Word: blended-point-sprite-batch
(O) Word: (blended-point-sprite-batch)
(O) Word: ( typed <program-instance> )
(O) Word: link-program
(O) Word: ( typed <shader-instance> )
(O) Word: compile-shader
(O) Word: (gl-error)
(O) Method: M\ object throw
(U) Quotation: [
        63 special-object error-thread set-global
        continuation -> error-continuation set-global rethrow

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